Steeple Aston Parish Council

The latest report from the Chairman of the Parish Council (pdf)

The Parish Council looks after the interests of the community of Steeple Aston. It deals with the District and County Council on local issues such as highways, traffic, housing, rights of way and street lighting and erects and maintains facilities in the village such as seats, bus shelters and the war memorial. It also leases and maintains the village hall, sports and recreation centre buildings and the play area. It is consulted on all local planning matters.

Parish Councils are part of the local government system and work closely with District and County Councils to help ensure that the services in the village are maintained and developed. Representatives from the District and County Council usually attend Parish Council meetings.

Parish Council meetings are usually held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the Village Hall Committee Room. All villagers are very welcome to attend. The agenda is posted on the website and village notice boards at least three days before the meeting and will confirm the date of the next meeting.Click here for the latest agenda and here for the latest approved minutes.

The following people are Parish Councillors and are elected every four years. The Parish Clerk is the main contact for any queries within the village so please feel free to contact her with any problems/questions you may have that you feel the Parish Council could help you with.

John Coley
Tel: 01869 347882

Stuart Ferguson
Tel: 01869 347439

Martin Lipson
Martin Lipson1
Tel: 01869 347046

Rose McCready
Rose McCready

Richard Preston
Tel: 01869 340512

Helen Wright
Helen Wright
Tel: 01869 347336

Anna Allen
Tel: 01869 340160


Parish Clerk
Cathy Fleet
Westfield Farm Cottage,
Steeple Aston
OX25 4SS
Tel: 01869 347000