Cherwell District Council is responsible for refuse and recycling in Steeple and Middle Aston. Regular collections normally take place on Thursdays. Different bins are emptied on alternate weeks. Green bins are emptied one week, brown and blue the next week.

  • Green bins are for household and non-recycleable waste including household waste and nappies.
  • Blue bins are for paper, plastic and tin including empty aerosols.
  • Brown bins are for garden waste. You need to subscribe to have your brown bin emptied. Cost £40 a year
  • Small lockable silver bins are provided for food waste. They are collected weekly.

You can recycle your batteries by leaving them in a small clear bag and put on top of, not inside, any bin.

Similarly, small electrical or battery powered items such as kettles, toasters and toys can be recycled provided they can fit into a standard size carrier bag.  These items may be donated and reused again or recycled. Place the carrier bag on top of, not inside, any bin.

For more information, to download a collection timetable, or to order a new bin, visit or telephone 01295 227030.

Recycling banks

There are two places to dispose of bottles in the village: by the Village Hall and in the Red Lion car park. At the Village Hall there is also a big container for food and drink cans and small box for dead batteries and a bigger one for small electrical items.There are also collection points for old clothes and shoes at both places.These ask for wearable items only, in bags, but Cherwell District Council advise that you can include worn out clothes as well. Such old clothes have to be properly sorted, and there are plenty of good uses for torn up or shredded old clothing.

To find your local recycling banks and what they will take, go to or telephone 01295 227003.

Bulky domestic waste

There is a charge for collection of beds, cookers, furniture, fridges and freezers etc. For more information, or to make a booking,  go to or telephone 01295 227003.

Commercial waste

For information on dealing with commercial waste, go to or telephone: 01295 227003.

Other ways to recycle

If you want to sell any items you can advertise them on this website. Just email your advert to

If you don’t wish to sell your goods, but would be keen for them to be recycled, there are several possibilities.


You can advertise items you want to give away in the Village Forum on this website. You will need to become a member of the Forum first. To do so, please click here.


The Cherwell Valley Freegle Network is open to all who want to “recycle” that special something rather than throw it away. The group covers Somerton, Fritwell, North Aston, Middle Aston, Steeple Aston, Upper Heyford, Lower Heyford, Rousham, Caulcott, Steeple Barton, Middle Barton, Duns Tew, Deddington and surrounding areas.

The only rule is that everything must be free. For more information, please click here.


There are local freecycle groups in Cherwell Valley, Kidlington-Woodstock and Oxford. All goods posted must be free and all postings are free. To find out more about these groups, go to:

Recycled Furniture Stores

Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action (OCVA) and Banbury Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) both run furniture stores where volunteers work hard to make sure furniture is re-used rather than going to landfill.

For a small charge, they can collect unwanted items of furniture and household goods from you.

The better items are made available to people on benefits or income support, at a nominal cost, enabling them to furnish their homes and improve their quality of life.

Goods in stock at their OCVA’s Headington furniture store include a selection of wardrobes, sofas, tables and chairs, cupboards, rugs and carpets, amongst other items.

Contact the Banbury CVS furniture project on01295267741, or the OCVA on 01865763698 or email