Local Bus Services

The main bus stops in Steeple Aston are on South Side at:

  • Bradshaw Close
  • The Dickredge
  • Nizewell Head

Daily services


The regular bus service for the village is Stagecoach No. S4. Buses run from Steeple Aston to Banbury Bus Station or Oxford, Magdalen Street from early morning until early evening. The journey to Oxford takes around 45 minutes, while the Banbury trip is usually 10 minutes shorter. There are fewer bus services in each direction on Sundays, and this service also runs on Bank Holidays.

Here is the timetable from 29th June 2020.

Website: www.stagecoachbus.com/oxfordshire. For the current timetable, click on Timetables and enter S4.
Telephone: 01865 772250. Lines open 7.00am – 8.00pm on weekdays; 9.00pm – 5.00pm weekends.

Hallmark Travel

From July 6th 2020,  Hallmark Travel runs the 250 service between Bicester and Oxford, which stops at Lower Heyford.

To see the timetable, please click here.

Our Bus Bartons

Due to coronovirus all OurBus Bartons services are currently suspended

This volunteer-run service goes from Middle Barton to The Crescent, Steeple Aston and back via Lower Heyford rail station twice a day, early in the morning and in the evening.

To see the timetable, please click here.

Weekly service

Steeple Aston to Chipping Norton (Wednesdays) and Bicester (Fridays)

Our Bus Bartons runs a weekly service to Chipping Norton via several local villages on Wednesdays. It leaves Steeple Aston at 9.00am and Chipping Norton at 11.50am, arriving back in the village at 12.26pm.

It also runs a service to Bicester via Lower Heyford on Fridays. It leave Steeple Aston at 10.40am and Bicester at 1.35pm arriving back in the village at 2.04pm.

To see the timetable, please click here.

For more information, go to: http://ourbus.co/bartons/

Or their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OurBusBartons/

Bus Passes

For the over 65s
Website: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/roads-and-transport/public-transport/bus-passes/older-persons-bus-pass-1