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Planning decision on Great Wolf Resorts imminent

Urgent Message from Chesterton Parish Council

The Great Wolf planning application 19/02550/F is to be decided at the planning committee meeting this Thursday 12 March at 4pm.  This does not give much time so may I ask you to do two things:.

    1. Please email your strong objection to ALL the councillors on the planning committee by this Wednesday 11 March (this can of course be your original objection).  Although Cherwell District Council has recommended refusal we cannot afford to be complacent or assume that more distant councillors are as well informed.  No doubt Great Wolf will have done their utmost to reach these councillors so we must adopt the same approach.

To make it quick and easy, here is the list of councillors’ email addresses on the Planning Committee. These can be copied and pasted into a Bcc address box to make it more personal.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  1.  A planning QC has advised Chesterton PC that attendance at the meeting would show the strength of opposition and could make a real difference to waverers.  In anticipation of a large turnout of objecting residents and PC reps, Cherwell District Council have booked additional car parking at Banbury Cricket Club whose entrance is almost opposite the entrance to the Bodicote offices on White Post Road.  There will be someone directing cars at the entrance to the Cricket Club from 3.15pm on Thursday.  

You can find out more about what’s planned by Great Wolf Resorts on their website, and the objections to it on petition website


Parish Council supports revised Southside housing plan

Steeple Aston Parish Council has agreed to support an application to build ten homes on Southside opposite the entrance to Hill House. A revised proposal from the developer  was considered by the council at its January meeting. The council was pleased to see that Rectory Homes had addressed the issues they had previously raised and now unanimously supported the application.

Martin Lipson is a Steeple Aston parish councillor and Chair of the Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum. He reports on the latest stage in the long-running saga of  the attempts by the property developer to build houses on Southside. 
He writes: “Rectory Homes has now resubmitted its application to build ten houses on the site opposite the Red Lion car park (19/02948/F).
“The scheme has been revised in a number of respects, the most important of which perhaps is the detail of the proposed footpath and traffic-calming arrangement. The documents on the CDC website now include an independent Safety Audit which has been conducted on these proposals, which resulted in numerous recommendations for improvements. The document shows that the details of the footpath and traffic scheme have been amended in line with most of the recommendations. The applicants clearly hope that this thorough and transparent process will convince doubters that the scheme will be as safe as it can be made. It will certainly be safer than it is at present, they claim.
“The design of the houses themselves has also gone through something of a rethink, particularly in the choice and use of more appropriate materials, and responding to many of the criticisms made by the Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum in its comments on the previous version of the scheme. The new application also shows the extent to which the new houses will be seen from a distance.

“Whatever is the outcome of the application, Rectory Homes should be given credit for listening and responding to local views – something that not all developers are prepared to do.”

However, not all villagers are happy with the proposals despite the recent changes. There are objections by three residents living close by who continue to be concerned about the proposed development. They are mainly worried about safety of pedestrians such as schoolchildren leaving the site, particularly in the morning and evening when drivers often have difficulty seeing because of low sun.

The planners are expected to make a decision on this application by 9th April. The revised application along with associated documents and comments by members of the public and others can be seen on Cherwell District Council’s website.