Listed here by date are recent planning applications for Steeple Aston. The Cherwell District Council website has the details of all these applications and their current status.
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 Ref Address Detail Parish Council
22/00167/TCA Bladebone House, Paines Hill

Beech- reduce canopy by 1.5m


22/00176/F Workshop adjacent to telephone exchange, Southside  

Erection of single storey detached commercial building with B2 use and permission for MOT testing and alteration to existing workshop to provide ancillary storage building amendment to 20/02795/F


22/00182/TCA The Lodge, Southside 

T1 x Ash – remove branch growing directly into the holly and reduce the crown by up to 9 metres


//F21/03928/F 8 Grange Park 

Single storey side extension.  Two storey rear extension.  Infill to existing undercroft


21/01418/F Paines Hill House

rear entrance reconfiguration and internal alterations on ground and first floors only


21/03592/F Chancel Cottage, Fir Lane 

New stand alone garden studio within existing private garden.  Change of use confirmation for historic change of use alteration from allotment to garden land.

no objection

21/03559/DISC Brasenose Farm

Discharge of conditions of 16/00455/F

no objection

21/03790/F Tamarisk Cottage, Southside Single storey extensions to side and rear.  Removal of existing toilet block extension.  Alterations to existing stone garden wall to provide radial approach and 2 no off street parking spaces.

no objection

21/00386/F 29A Heyford Road 

Retrospective Driveway

Steeple Aston Parish Council wishes to object to the retrospective application for rebuilding the unauthorised driveway at 29A Heyford Road, on the grounds that the information provided in the application is contradictory and incomplete. The application form states one thing, and the Arboricultural report states another. It is therefore not at all clear what materials are to be used for a new retaining wall, or for the driveway surface.

The PC is concerned about the present appearance of the retaining wall, and wishes to see a carefully-designed replacement in such a visible location at the entrance to the village, but so far there is no evidence of this. The stone-filled gabions proposed in the Arboricultural report may well look worse than the existing sleepers, and are considered to be inappropriate in this location.

21/02882/F Nisbet House, Southside 

External alterations to existing upper ground floor ‘sun room’ and 1st floor extension over.
Addition of additional 2no dormer windows to the north east elevation & Replace existing
French doors (in kitchen) with sliding sash window

no objection
21/03192/DISC Greenacres, southside 

Discharge of conditions of 21/01733/F

no objection
21/03131/F Old coach House, Southside 

Raise existing roof over garage and extend across to main house to create new guest room/office with ensuite shower room.  Infill at ground floor to create new utility space.  First floor extension over existing garden room to create new library room.

no objection
21/01123/F Hatch End Old Poultry Farm  Re-submission of 20/01127/F objection submitted
21/02753/F Paynes Hill House, Paines Hill  Replacement external oak gate, removal of red brick lean-to and adjustment to boundary wall  no objection
21/02793/TCA Firs View, Water lane  Notice of Intent of Treework no objection
21/02599/DISC land south & adj to southside  Discharge of conditions of 19/02948/F No objection
21/02743/TCA Westfield Stables Fell 2xAsh and 1x Sycamore no objection
21/02527/F Brasenose Cottage, Fenway  Raising roof to provide first floor accommodation, new garage, carport, porch and alterations  No objection
21/02366/F Wincote, Cow Lane demolition of existing dwelling and construction of replacement dwelling No objection
21/02279/F Tamarisk cottage, Southside Single storey infill extension to side (rear of property) and removal of existing toilet extension.  Alterations to existing stone garden wall to provide radial approach and 2no off street parking spaces  No objection
21/02095/F Hill Cottage, Northside  single storey rear extension
21/02147/OUT The Beeches, Heyford Road 1 new dwelling
21/01961/F Old Butchers, Heyford Road  Two storey rear extension, addition of rooflights to rear roof slope and internal modification. 
21/01679/TCA North Ridge, Paines Hill Treework
21/01661/TCA Old Coach House, Southside  Treework
21/01765/F Timbers, Water Lane First floor and part single storey front extension – resubmission of 21/00473/F
21/01272/F 13 Bradshaw Close  Demolish garage and replace with two storey garage extension no objection
21/01269/F 14 Bradshaw Close Two storey extension to west side of house replacing the existing garage with a new garage and additional story above. no objection
21/00641/F Meadow Walk, the Dickredge Erection of garden shed to replace 2 existing ones no objection
21/01123/F Hatch End Old Poultry Farm Demolition of existing buildings.  Construction of replacement business units and associated external works (resubmission of 20/01127/F)
21/00686/F Greenacre, Southside   Demolition of rear extension. erection of single and 2 storey extensions, roof conversion, rear dormer and rooflights, cladding of existing gable in stone, replacement front door and painting of window no objection
21/01018/F Paines Hill view  Two storey rear extension, single storey store to side  no objection
20/03168/TCA Kiftsgate, Southside  treework in conservation area 
20/03519/TCA The Lodge, Southside treework in conservation area
20/03393/F 29a Heyford Road  vehicular access, drop kerb and hardstanding
20/03304/F The Old Malt House, Southside  installation of new swimming pool
20/03337/LB Staithe Cottage, Southside  Alterations to 4 internal door openings including doors and architraves 
 20/03319/F 5 Lawrence Fields  Alterations to existing garage including the creation of a first floor study with 2 no dormers  no objection
20/03304/F The Old Malt house  installation of swimming pool  no objection
20/02387/F 1 Jubilee Close  Single storey side extension
20/02795/F Workshop adjacent to telephone exchange, Southside  Erection of single storey detached commercial building and alteration to existing workshop to provide ancillary storage building. 
 20/02747/F Elm Trees, Northside  One and half storey oak frame extension, window to north gable elevation, demolition of bay window to all for new door.  alterations to existing dormer windows, erection of new porch and front door with internal alterations 
20/02854/TCA Cedar Lodge Felling of various trees no objection
20/02613/F Touchstones, The Dickredge Conversion of first floor to create additional accommodation.  Small ground floor infill extension to facilitate works.  New French doors.  Replacement of roof. Groundworks and internal alterations to include new staircase no objection
20/02556/F Windyridge, Paines Hill  Single storey rear extension and internal refurbishment  no objection
20/02170/LB & 20/02169/F  Sunnybank, Northside 


detached outbuilding and raising a section of the existing boundary wall.  New rooflight.  Internal changes to the existing loft area and conversion of the existing garage.

 20/01503/LB Brunstone, Southside   Demolition of existing rear extension, new 2 storey extension under pitched roof and to replace existing roof over single storey extension with new mono pitch roof.  Accommodate positioning of southern boundary wall and insert conservation rooflight (resubmission of 19/00816/LB) 
20/01058/F 25 Grange Park  replacement to flat roof to porch and ground floor cloakroom with pitched roofs to match existing  no objection
20/01503/LB Brunstone, southside New conservation roof light  no objection
20/01127/F Hatch End Old Poultry Farm Demolition of existing buildings. Erection of replacement business units, ancillary hub and associated external works.  Objection (see CDC website)
20/01027/F The Cottage, Paines Hill  variation of 19/01961/F No objection
20/00875/F Rectory Farm House, Northside Internal alterations  no objection
20/1043/F 8 Lawrence fields single storey extension to rear, partial loft conversion and porch to front no objection
20/00964/OUT The Beeches, Heyford Road  Erection of 8 dwellings
20/00586/F Bladebone House  Craft workshop constructed within existing motor garage  no objection
20/00710/F Manor Farm, southside  Excavate and build 1m section of wall, tying in cheek end  no objection
20/00288/F 29A Heyford Road Driveway no objection but requested drainage details from CDC
20/00366/F 18 Bradshaw Close  2 storey front extension no objection, but suggest tree is retained
20/00403/F Cedar Lodge, Northside  Demolish & rebuild garden wall
20/00494/LB Cedar  Lodge, Northside  Change to window (application 19/005352/LB)
20/00415/F 23 Nizewell Head  single and 2 storey rear extensions
19/02948/F Southside Erection of 10 houses application supported
19/01814/LB 1&2 Almshouses, Northside  Proposed snowguard to the front elevation pitched roof
19/01939/F 8 Heyford Road  single Storey Rear Extension
19/01647/LB Cedar Lodge, Northside  Creation of a jib door and associated stair 


Resubmitted 19/02465/LB – APPEAL

19/01601/OUT The Beeches, Heyford road Erection of up to 8 dwellings  No objection
19/01599/F The Lodge, southside  Remove all existing single storey extensions, erect new two storey extension to side/rear and new single storey extension to rear and side  No objection
19/01662/TCA Kralingen, Fenway Pollard lime tree, fell Ash tree no objection
19/01411/LB Cedar Lodge, Northside Creation of new bathroom, removal of existing bathroom partition, realignment of existing bathroom wall, creation of new walk in wardrobe/office and removal of staircase to attic room, and insertion of loft hatch and ladder No objection
19/0123/CLUE Junipers, The Dickredge Certificate of Lawfulness of Existing Development for enclosing covered storage area to create front entrance and integral garage no objection
19/01561/TCA Hill House, Southside  Fell up to 10 Spruce trees No objection
19/01290/F Holt Farm, Oxford Road  Construction of 3 x one bedroom single storey pods for independent living skills 
19/01177/F Land to the south and adjacent of Southside Erection of 10 dwellings  SAPC is broadly supportive of this application for a number of reasons.
• It will fulfil a significant part of the indicative number of new dwellings in the next planning period as set out in Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan policy PD1.
• Some increase in traffic can be expected. However, as the new development will be on the edge of the village, not all traffic movements will be through and within the village; many will be to and from the A4260.
• The new road and footpath layout (if approved by OCC Highways) will provide improved pedestrian access not only for the site itself, but also for the twelve or so existing dwellings on the other side of the road; and down Sixtyfoot towards Hopcrofts Holt.
• The land has not been used for arable or dairy farming within memory. It is currently an unattractive feature to see on entering the village. On this point we draw your attention particularly to Section 1 of the MCNP Forum’s comments where they mention the importance of the site as a ‘gateway’ to the village.
We have concerns about the following:• Thames Water’s assurances that the sewerage system can cope: there have been problems in the past where the system runs down through Bradshaw Close. Please note the response from Mr. Cummins, a resident of Bradshaw Close and a chartered engineer, regarding this issue (a copy of which has already been received by CDC).
• Road markings and signage: can we have some assurance that the new road markings and signage will be well maintained so that the new road layout preserves a high degree of safety?
• The narrowness of the road where there is to be a ‘build out’: we have been approached by a local farmer who has pointed out that he needs to be able to get wide farm vehicles into and through the village. Can he be assured that this will be possible?
• The general appearance of the development and how it will tie in with the appearance of the rest of the village as a whole: we would like the developers to take note of the relevant comments from MCNP Forum, and our comments above about it being a ‘gateway’. The scheme should enhance the entrance to the village.
As stated, SAPC is broadly supportive of the scheme. However, we would ask CDC to request that it is resubmitted taking into account our concerns above.
19/00869/LB Manor Barn, Southside Installation of wood burning stove and external flue – Retrospective The Parish Council understands that full planning permission and listed building consent should have been sought prior to the erection of the chimney in question. We have no comment to make on the size or position of the chimney as it stands. However, we are aware that Mr and Mrs Palmer, neighbours to Manor Barn, are extremely concerned about the chimney from an environmental and health point of view. We request that CDC fully investigate these issues before coming to a decision on whether to allow the application or not.
19/01124/F Cedar Lodge  Extension of Garden Terrace no objection
19/00869/TCA Old manor House, southside  treework no objections
19/00200/DISC Chancel Cottage  Discharge of conditions  no objections
19/00899/F The Cottage, Paines Hill Single storey flat roof extension and entrance porch  no objections
19/01042/TCA Canterbury House, fir lane  Fell Acacia tree no objection
19/00150/TCA Manor Court Cottage Reduce canopy of Yew tree no objection
19/00815/F Brunstone, Southside Demolition of existing rear extension.  new 2 storey extension under pitched roof  no objection
19/00484/LB East Grange  Conservatory extension no objection
19/00660/f 15 Grange Park  Single storey rear extension no objection
19/00457/OUT The Beeches, Heyford Road  erection of up to 8 dwellings  WITHDRAWN
19/00082/TCA Northridge, Paines Hill Fell apple and holly tree no objection
19/00133/F Nisbet House  Erection of summerhouse and shed (existing unauthorised) no objection
19/00312/F Brasenose Farm  Erection of garden equipment store, woodstore and replacement greenhouse  no objection
19/00168/F Bladebone House  Repair 2 sections of wall (retrospective no objection
19/02107/F Lansdowne House  Amendments  
19/00090/F Kiftsgate House Change of use of highway to garden  
18/021107/F Lansdowne House 2 storey rear extension, Level side access to provide off street parking and construct store under  no objection
18/02026/F Brasenose Farm ground mounted solar panel system no objection
18/02129/F Manor Farm Replacement garage and new family room extension renew porch no objection but asked for comments from Conservation Team 
18/01797/LB Bladebone House Repair 2 sections of garden wall   
18/00325/TCA Cedar Court, Water Lane  treework no objection
18/01692/TPO The Planes, Water Lane 

Fell trees

(TPO (No 5) applied by CDC)

 18/01293/F  Fir Cottage, Fir Lane Put in stud wall to create hallway with door into living room. Remove surround of boarded up fireplace in living room and plaster the wall.  Replace and relocate boiler. Amend fencing to provide access for cars in rear garden   No objection
18/01305/F The Courtyard, Southside Retrospective erection of sheds  no objection
18/01482/F Land at Southside  erection of 6 dwellings 1. Housing mix: the proposal is for six houses of four bedrooms. There is however a clear need locally for a mix of house sizes, including some with smaller number of bedrooms. Evidence to support this need is contained in the Oxfordshire SHMA (table 65) and para. B123 of the CDC adopted Local Plan part 1 (and policy BCS4 which encourages negotiation on the issue of housing mix). The parish council wishes to see a scheme that responds to policy PH1 for Open Market Housing Schemes, in the draft Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan MCNP), which states:
Where other policies permit such development, any new market housing should favour homes with
a smaller number of bedrooms. The following mix of housing will be required for market housing unless evidence from an up to date local housing needs assessment indicates otherwise: in a development of 10 or more dwellings 23% should have 2 bedrooms, and 46% should have 3 bedrooms, with 31% having other sizes. Smaller schemes should aim for a similar ratio where possible.
The last sentence implies that of the six dwellings only 2 should be 4-bedroom, 3 should be 3-bedroom, and 1 should be 2-bedroom. Such a mix would offer more affordable homes to local people, which we regard as an essential component of an acceptable scheme on this site.
Rectory Homes has presented to the Parish Council an alternative scheme for 10 dwellings with an improved mix of sizes. This alternative is to be preferred, if development here were to be permitted.
2. Safe pedestrian access: walking into the village with no footpath – especially in darkness – is dangerous, and difficult to solve where the road narrows at the Red Lion. There is no recognition of this difficult problem in the application (despite discussion at the local meetings at which the applicants presented their proposals in November 2017 and again in May 2018). The Parish Council wishes to see a scheme which addresses the problem and responds to draft MCNP policy PD5, para. c) which states:
c) Proposals for minor development schemes (excluding infill and conversions) of new
housing will be required to provide new or improve existing footpaths and cycle ways to
ensure that new residents of all ages and mobility have safe access to village amenities
such as the school, bus stops, shop and green spaces. Where new routes are proposed
to meet this requirement, the development proposals shall contain full details of all
associated materials and infrastructure.
The current application will require pedestrians to walk in the road to access the rest of the village, which is unacceptable.
3. Safe vehicular access: the new road junction for the development will exacerbate an already dangerous stretch of road unless measures are taken to improve safety. Both speeding and limited visibility on the bend here have caused several near misses for traffic using the Hill House lane used by about 20 cars serving various dwellings opposite the site. The “Access Appraisal” report presented by the applicant relies on data collected in a week of heavy snowfall which must have produced untypical speed and volume data. We request that the survey be repeated in order to present data that can be taken seriously.
In the Parish Council’s view any proposals for development of this site must include effective measures that address vehicle speeds and visibility.
18/01182/F Barn Cottage, Northside Change of use of outbuilding to home office   no objection
18/01100/LB Acacia Cottage, Southside  Convert existing accommodation annexe to home office with ancillary facilities   no objection
18/01038/F Elmtrees, Northside Change of use of garage to guest accommodation and associated alterations   no objection
18/01493/F Paynes Hill House  part single storey and part two storey rear extension  no objection
18/00784/F Grange Cottage erection of garden shed/workshop  no objection
18/00716/F 1 Bradshaw Close  1 storey extension to front  no objection 
18/00662/F Primrose Cottage Demolition of existing UPVC lean to and erection of 2 storey extension  no objection 
18/00105/TCA Fir Cottage, fir lane treework no objection
18/00451/LB Staithe Cottage, southside Removal of metal framed sliding doors from dining room to be replaced with window and stone below no objection
18/00143/TPO 34 Grange Park Reduce Tulip tree no objection
18/00272/F Windyridge, Paines Hill 2 storey rear extension and internal refurbishment supported by the PC
18/00242/F Seven springs, Southside Removal of existing tractor barn/workshop and extension to existing outbuilding to provide log/garden store and workshop and attic ancillary staff accommodation and welfare facilities no objections
17/00466/TCA The Planes, Water lane treework It is the view of the parish council that insufficient evidence has been presented to justify the felling of these five trees. We request that CDC should ask the applicant to provide an independent report (ie not from the agent) on the health and condition of the trees, and on risks to property or people.
This is not like some tree applications where the impact of removal is largely restricted to the immediate property. Here the trees lining the west side of Water Lane make a major contribution to the character of the Lane itself, a public space, and that character is the reason that Water Lane was included in the Conservation Area in the first place. There should be a high bar to jump over before any trees in this location are felled.
The Parish Council therefore objects to this application until such time as an independent report proves the need for felling.
17/02414/F Southside Erection of 6 new dwellings – WITHDRAWN
17/02360/F Steve Ward autos Current workshop to be extended for vehicle MOT testing.  Separate building to be built for storage change of use to B2 with permission for MOT testing The original planning permission was granted with restriction to vintage cars with no cars to be stored outside. The current operation contravenes those criteria and the parish council would want it to be made clear that if this application is permitted no vehicles, vintage or otherwise, must be stored outside the premises.
17/02299/F Seven Springs, southside Removal of existing tractor barn/workshop and extension to existing outbuilding to provide log/garden store and workshop and attic ancillary staff accommodaition no objection
17/02163/LB Almshouses, Northside replacement of flat roof covering No objection
17/00399/TCA Willow cottage, The Dickredge TREEWORK No objection
17/00379/TCA St Peters Cottage, southside TREEWORK no objection
17/01989/F Kiftsgate House Extension, alterations and subdivision to form 2 dwellings. Extend access drive to serve courtyard parking for 4 cars. no objection
17/02095/TPO 11 Grange park treework no objection
17/01387/TPO 5 Grange Park treework no objection
17/02076/F Grange cottage Southside WITHDRAWN
17/00367/TCA Cedar Cottage, Northside TREEWORK no objection
17/00341/TCA Old Coach House, Southside TREEWORK no objection
17/01679/F Canterbury House Erection of a small non-habitable summerhouse within the curtilage of the garden of Canterbury House  no objection
17/01694/F Cedar Barn Erection of new dwelling  no objections
17/01342/F White Lion Alterations and extension to and conversion of existing garage, utility and store into one bedroom annexe to the main dwelling
17/01316/F Brasenose Cottage, Fenway Demolition of existing buildings.  alterations and extensions to existing bungalow to form 2 storey dwelling with annexe and repositioning of previously approved general purpose building no objections
17/01196/F Duckets House partial demolition of existing rear lobby and erection of new extension no objections
17/01150/F Old Stables, Southside Enlargement of existing door opening and insertion of a three panel bifold door no objectionis
17/00005/F & 17/00006/F Chancel cottage Demolition of existing stores and repair, refurbishment and extension of building no objections
17/00234/TCA Mulberry House 30% reduction of Ash tree
17/00233/TCA Westfield Cottage, Fenway Fell ash tree and row of conifers
17/00202/TCA Beechwood House various treeworks
17/01354/TPO 3 Grange Park Raise canopy of Horse chestnut
17/00367/F The Coach House, Southside Rear Orangery  no objections
17/00239/LB Old Toms, Northside Replace French doors on 1970s extension and reduce height of winglights.  Replace existing window.  Replace back door.  Replace sash window on ground floor sitting room on original building.  Replace north facing sitting room window.  no objections
17/00279/F Westfield Cottage Alterations and additions, new front entrance door, porch and windows.  New stone 2 storey rear addition, new rear bay window and internal alterations  no objections
17/00516/F Bladebone House Demolition of existing conservatory and replacement with new no objections
17/00477/LB Red Lion Corner Refurbishment of basement.  New window to front no objections
17/00475/F Applegate, 2 Cow Lane Single Storey Rear Extension no objections
17/00428/F Mijas, south Side Alterations and extensions to roof, erection of two storey extensions to front and rear and re-configuration of front garden area to provide new entrance steps, additional parking and re-build front boundary wall.  no objections
17/00080/TCA Old Stables, South Side Fell conifers and replace with Yew hedging  no objections
17/00375/F Brasenose Cottage, Fenway Resubmission of 16/00442/F. Demolition of existing buildings.  Alterations and extensions to existing bungalow to form two storey dwelling with annexe and repositioning of previously approved general purpose building  no objections
17/00387/TPO 4 Grange Park Fell sycamore and replace with more suitable tree  no objections
 17/00011/F Orchard House, Heyford Road Single Storey side extension No objections
 17/00005/F  Chancel Cottage, Fir Lane Demolition of existing stores and repair, refurbishment and extension of main building No objections
16/02503/F Brasenose Farm
Construction of single storey courtyard development of garage and annexe accommodation wholly associated with the dwelling house
No objections
16/00336/TCA South Grange, Grange park Fell Leylandii & Sycamore
16/02493/LB Old School, Northside New Windows (retrospective)  no objections
16/02503/F Brasenose Farm, Oxford Road
Construction of single storey courtyard development of garage and annexe accommodation wholly associated with the dwelling house
 no objections
16/02661/F Beech House, Paines Hill 2SSE with SSRE, alterations to existing rear dormers, retaining wall within rear garden, new detached garage to front driveway
The parish council has no objections to the extension, however the position of the proposed garage will detract from the open site as part of the conservation area and existing trees could be removed, thus exposing the garage.
16/02403/F West Grange Erection of single storey extension to garden room no objections
16/02289/AGN Land SW of Seven Springs erection of agricultural building No objections
16/02178/AGN Land SW of Seven Springs Erection of polytunnel No objections
16/02381/F 28 Grange Park SSRE No objections
16/00342/TCA Oakridge, Cow Lane Fell and replace horse chestnut no objections. TPO imposed by CDC
16/023000/F 7 Nizewell Head Replace conservatory roof No objections
 16/00318/TCA  Cedar Court Treework  no objections
16/01962/F 3 Bradshaw Close SSSE and garden shed no objections
16/00264/TCA Kranglingen, Fenway Fell and re-plant paper birch no objections
16/01221/TPO Velator, Cow Lane Reduce silver birch & 2 x Beech trees
16/01220/TPO Oakridge, Cow Lane Fell holly tree
16/00194/TCA Brookside Cottage Fell Ash & Laurel
16/00230/TCA Bladebone House Treework in conservation area no objection
16/01672/LB Canterbury House, Fir Lane Erection of summerhouse within the curtilage of the garden no objection
16/01566/F 1 New Manor House Installation of twin wall external flue to side of house no objection
16/01428/F 15 Grange Park Single storey front and 2 storey side extension No objections
16/01458/F 9 Nizewell Head SSRE and side extension and re-clad existing 2nd floor dormer No objections
16/00262/F Rectory Farmhouse Discharge of condition 3 WITHDRAWN
16/01217/F 17 Bradshaw Close Two storey extension to the east and south elevations, increased ridge height to roof, new area of raised patio to garden and new porch to front no Objections
16/01672/LB Canterbury House, Fir lane Erection of summerhouse No objection
16/00262/DISC Rectory Farm House, Northside Discharge of Condition 3 (windows & Doors) WITHDRAWN
 16/00678/F Hope Cottage Paines Hill  Two storey rear extension and replacement entrance porch at front of house.  New window to south elevation.  Relocated garden wall to create additional parking  No objection but one councillor commented that the rear extension may be overbearing to the 2 neighbouring properties
 16/00649/AGN  Brasenose Farm Notice of determination for Agricultural Building
 16/01217/F Duckets House Paines Hill New front porch  No objections
16/01173/F 17 Bradshaw Close Two storey extension to the east and south elevations, increased ridge height to roof, new area of raised patio to garden and new porch to front  No objections


Application reference Name Address Details
 16/00442/F  Brasenose Cottage, Fenway
 16/00455/F  Brasenose Farm, Oxford Road
 16/00457/F  Brasenose Farm, Oxford Road
 16/00480/TPO  15 Grange Park
 16/00412/LB  Grange Cottage
 16/00041/TCA    Paines Hill House Treework  WITHDRAWN
 16/00029/TCA               Cedar Court Treework APPROVED
 16/00026/TCA     Wincote Treework APPROVED
 15/02355/F         West Grange Erection of single storey extension to garden room APPROVED
 15/02356/LB      West Grange Replacement defective basement floor REFUSED
 15/01289/OUT      Lewannick Erection of single storey dwelling APPEAL
 16/00349/f        28 Grange Park Single and 2 storey extension
  16/00072/TCA    Canterbury House Treework
 16/00031/TCA    Old Toms Treework APPROVED
 16/00412/LB        Grange Cottage  Alterations and erection of extension
to outbuilding and installation of wood burning stove with metal flue
8/10/2015 15/01785/F Carl Tomlinson Brasenose Farm Barn conversion WITHDRAWN
14/11/2015 15/01958/F Mr & Mrs G Smith 28 Grange Park Single and two-storey extension to rear REFUSED
29/11/2015 15/01798/LB Lady Gardner Old School House, North Side Works to existing attic room etc APPROVED
15/00258/TCA Cridmond South Side Fell Ash tree-Approved
15/01328/F Chancel Cottage REFUSED
15/01328/LB Chancel Cottage REFUSED
15/00335/TCA Canterbury House Tree work
07/08/2015 15/01289/OUT Mr & Mrs Needle LeWannik, Harrisville Erection of single storey dwelling REFUSED
14/08/2015 15/01328/LB Mr Grainger Chancel Cottage Demolition of outbuilding and erection of rear extension and internal alterations
10/09/2015 15/01520/LB Lady Gardner Old School House, North Side replacement of timber sash window for a like for like window. Replacement of a timber side hung casement window for a right hand side hung with a top hung lite over a fixed lite casement window
15/00258/TCA Cridmond South Side Fell Ash tree-Approved
15/01328/F Chancel Cottage REFUSED
15/01328/LB Chancel Cottage REFUSED
15/00335/TCA Canterbury House Tree work
07/08/2015 15/01289/OUT Mr & Mrs Needle LeWannik, Harrisville Erection of single storey dwelling REFUSED
14/08/2015 15/01328/LB Mr Grainger Chancel Cottage Demolition of outbuilding and erection of rear extension and internal alterations
10/09/2015 15/01520/LB Lady Gardner Old School House, North Side replacement of timber sash window for a like for like window. Replacement of a timber side hung casement window for a right hand side hung with a top hung lite over a fixed lite casement window
18/09/2015 15/01626/HED David MacNay removal of hedges
15/00258/TCA Ann Bonwick Cridmond, South Side treework
15/01328/LB Mr Grainger Chancel Cottage, Fir Lane Demolition of outbuilding and erection of rear extension and internal alterations
15/01280/F Mrs Berry 9 Grange Park Erection of Garden Room
14/01553/F Lockhall Cottage APPROVED
14/01884/F Kiftsgate House APPROVED
14/002057/F & 14/00428/TCA North Ridge Paines Hill tree work
14/02024/HYBRID Camp Road Upper Heyford
14/00432/TCA Orchard Lea tree work
14/00428/TCA Pump Cottage treework – APPROVED
14/01976/TPO 28 Grange Park tree work – APPROVED
14/01434/F Mr & Ms Ellis & Carlisle Land south of Greenacre, South Side dwelling & garage
14/00297/TCA Cedar Court Water Lane Notice of intent of Tree work
14/01552/F Mr Grainger Chancel Cottage, Fir Lane Internal alterations & removal of attached outbuildings to enable new extension
14/01553/F Miss Boisot Lockhall Cottage Cow Lane Two storey side extension and internal modelling
14/01655/F Mr & Mrs Whybrews 5 Bradshaw Close demolition of existing porch and entrance and construction of new extended porch and entrance
14/001748/F Mr & Mrs Upton Brasenose Cottage, Fenway, General purpose agricultural building
14/00764/F Giles Yard erection of fence retrospective APPROVAL
14/01288/TPO 3 Grange Park Tree work
14/00486/F Kiftsgate APPROVED
14/01142/F 37 Grange park Conservatory – APPROVED
14/00191/TCA The Old Post Office Notice of Intent Tree work
14/00156/TCA south Side Tree work Manor Farm – APPROVED
14/00777/F 2 New Manor House, south side Enlargement of existing extension-APPROVED
14/00895/F Canterbury House, Fir Lane Side Extension
14/00869/F Brookside Paines Hill First floor and single storey rear extensions
14/00486/F Kiftsgate House Extension and alterations to form 2 dwellings
14/00981/F Wickhams, Paines Hill SSRE & entrance
14/00261/F 13 Grange Park 2SSE – APPROVED
14/00469/F Lermoos Harrisville SSRE – APPROVED
14/00535/F Canterbury House 2SSE – withdrawn
14/00764/F Retrospective application for a 2.4m high fence
14/00811/F 18 Jubilee Close extension to garage/workshop
14/00080/TCA Mr R Scott Cedar Cottage, North Side Tree work
14/000103/F Mr D Cassidy 4 Lawrence Fields Installation of dormer windows in front elevation over existing garage. Removal of metal railings to front elevation and erection of dry stone wall. Replace existing front elevation window and replace with larger window.
14/00336/TPO Mr A Allen 4 Grange Park Tree work
14/00261/F Mr & Mrs Llewellyn 13 Grange Park Proposed two storey side extension
13/01648/F Mrs H Taylor 25 Heyford Road Rear extension
13/1728/F Mr T Taylor Brasenose Farm amendment to 09/00528/F new farmhouse
13/01791/F Mr P Robottom Flat 3 Hill House South Side Conversion of an existing brick void to a new bedroom with the construction of a new window on the basement level with a 2 bedroom flat
13/01790/F Mr & Mrs Clifton Stedman Cottage Middle Aston new dwelling
13/01733/CDC CDC Erection of 2 bungalows
130007/disc Camp Road Upper Heyford Clearance of condition 561 of 10/01642/out
13/00967/CAC Dorchester Group demolish water tower and office block
13/00208/TCA Mr G Clifton Church Warden tree work
13/01198/F Mr & Mrs Cater Broookside Cottage paines Hill first floor and single storey rear extensions with associated works
13/01423/F Mr Granthony Dolphin End, South Side Single storey extension to side & rear
13/00297/f Mr Stephen Ward Giles Yard South Side Change of use to light commercial
13/00089/TCA Cedars Barn Northside Notice of Intent – tree work
13/00090/TCA Dr Radcliffes School Notice of Intent – tree work
13/00385/F Mr & Mrs McLusky The Old Forge, Southside removal of porch. Building of new porch. New windows to N&S elevations. Conversion of outbuilding to study
12/01779/F Mr & Mrs Wright The White Lion, South Side APPROVED external alterations and conversion of ground floor to facilitate the use of the building as a single family dwelling
12/01709/LB Judge & Mrs C Compton Grange Cottage, south Side Change of use of barn from ancillary to residential
13/00044TCA Dr Marsden Tchure Cottage removal of branch of Ash tree
13/00262/LB Mr Turner Staithe Cottage Southside renovation of existing room to provide self contained accommodation
13/00260/F Miss Zoe Clark The Cottage Paines Hill Two storey side extension
12/00327/TCA Kiftsgate House, South Side tree work
12/01718/F Brookside Paines Hill 1st floor & SSRE & asociated works
12/01611/F Proposed erection of 12 dwellings at land adjoining Fenway and Shepherds Hill, Steeple Aston , Bicester, Oxfordshire .
12/01779/F Mr & Mrs Wright, The White Lion, South Side external alterations and conversion of ground floor to facilitate the use of the bvuilding as a single family dwelling
12/00256/TCA Mr H Brookes Fair Acre, Northside Tree work
12/00251/TCA Mrs J Vivian Willow Cottage, The Dickredge Tree work
12/00315/TCA Mr R Kinch group of trees Duckworths Well/Dickredge tree work
12/01307/F Mr & Mrs Adriaanse rear conservatory
12/00256/TCA Mr H Brookes Fair Acre, Northside Tree work – felling of Cherry, Elm, Horse Chrstnut, Willow, Beech/Sycamore and Cypress
12/00861/F Mr & Mrs Cater Brookside, Paines Hill First floor and single storey rear extension – REFUSED
12/00635/LB Mr & Mrs Cartwright Sunnybank, Northside Internal and external alterations – APPROVED
12/00173/TCA Mr Dale Cedar Court Water Lane Tree work – APPROVED
12/00206/TCA Mrs Churchill Chestnut House, Paines Hill Tree work
12/01101/F Village Hall Demolition of lean to structure and construction of new single storey extension
12/01168/F Sarah Twomey Junipers, the Dickredge dormer to north elevation
12/00096TCA Mr Higgins Canterbury House, Fir Lane Tree work
12/000457/F Sunnybank,North Side ancillary garden studio
12/00390/F Mr Riman Elm Trees North Side New dormer window
12/00040/F Paragon Fleet Solutions Camp Road, Upper Heyford change of use
12/00022/f Mr S Aumonier Compass cottage, South Side Rebuild existing uncovered water well – APPROVED
12/00029/TPO Mr A Allen 4 Grange Park Tree work to Chestnut & Sycamore