The Steeple Aston village website was created under the auspices of the Parish Council, which funds the project and owns the domain name. The site is designed and run by a group of local volunteers who first got together in January 2007.

The aims of the website are to:

  • provide a central, up to date point of information for village residents
  • promote community spirit and involvement
  • provide a rich source of information for visitors and potential and former residents.

The members of the committee are keen to recruit others to help out with the site, and to hear from those who use it. They hold monthly meetings to which visitors are welcome. Please let us know in advance if you’d like to come along. We also plan to hold an open meeting in a local pub once a year, so that you can put your views and ideas to the committee.

The committee’s status and responsibilities

Technically, the Website Sub Committee is a sub committee of Steeple Aston Parish Council. It delegates decision-making powers to the Sub Committee, which is responsible for all decisions relating to:

  • the general design and content of the site
  • registration of domain name and ongoing issues
  • the ongoing maintenance and publicity of the site
  • responsibility for the above maintenance and ensuring the site is kept up to date
  • general management of the day to day running of the website
  • financial management within an agreed budget set by the parish council
  • ensuring that legal indemnity from the designers of the site for the copyright and against plagiarism of other sites has been obtained.

If any clarification on any of the above is needed, the Parish Council Chair or Clerk will be consulted.

The Sub Committee comprises one representative from the Parish Council, one from Steeple Aston Life, one website designer and one coder and one photographic consultant. There are up to three representatives from village clubs and societies. The members of the Sub Committee are appointed by the Parish Council and the Chair is elected by the members of the Sub Committee. The number, time and place of meetings is decided by the Sub Committee. The agendas and signed minutes of all Sub Committee meetings are submitted for approval to the Parish Council.

Comments or queries
If you have any comments or queries regarding, please email or phone Jenny Bell on 01869 943573.