Steeple Aston Women’s Institute

Wi, Wi ,Wi DelilahThere are many scheduled events throughout the year organised either by their local sub committees or though the WI Federation. Whilst deciding on which event you might like to participate in, there is plenty of time to socialise.

If you are interested in joining please call for information, (see contacts on this page) or turn up at a meeting at the Village Hall at 7.30pm. The WI does not take partisan political positions, though they are interested in current affairs. The cost of membership is currently £36.00 a year and it is open to women of all faiths or none.

They have a regular walking group who generally meet on the last Friday of each month to enjoy a bracing walk. Starting from the shop at 10.00am, the route is varied and there are always opportunities for bird watching whilst enjoying the wonderful countryside we have round here. They usually find a friendly pub or café to end the walk and have a proper chat.

A forward thinking organisation which allows you to chose your degree of participation from attending monthly meetings and listening to a wide range of speakers etc. to joining one of the sub-committees and or the full committee and of course attending the many outings on offer and partaking of the many courses available at Denman College.

To read reports of recent meetings, please click here.

Merrill Bayley, President
Tel: 01869 347802
Catherine Crook
Tel: 01869 340387
Website: (Oxfordshire Federation of Women’s Institutes)

WI Programme 2016/2017

All meetings are held on Tuesdays in the Village Hall at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.


Tuesday 10th May                    What is the ACWW – Mary Gregory

Tuesday 7th June                       Members only – Summer Outing             Day trip

Tuesday 12thJuly                        History of London Underground – Chris Caddy

Tuesday 13th September          The Unlikely Pimpernel Part II – Sally Crawford

Tuesday 11th October               Car Boot, Antique and other Fairs – Steven Bruce

Tuesday 8th November             Water Colour demo & talk – Brian Marshall

Tuesday 6th December             Members only – Christmas Meal  & entertainment


Tuesday 10th January                   West Wycombe Park & Dashwoods – Peter Hague

Tuesday 14th February                Social Evening

Tuesday 14th March                    Celebration Night (Birthday Night)

Tuesday 11th April  (7.00pm)     AGM & 40 Years in Bomb Disposal – Ian Jones MBE